About: Marie French

Hi and welcome. My name is Marie French and I have another blog under my name at mariefrench.blogspot.com which I blog DIY projects,and creative musings as well geared to just plain fun and bringing beauty in your life…Isn’t that what creativity is all about.

I decided for this blog to share some creative succulent adventures, garden design, making garden projects, research, and just planting some good seeds. I live in the desert in Far west Texas. The summer reaches 124 some days, and in the winter we can get to -9, so we have pretty extreme changes in temperature. With sever droughts all over the US, I figured it was about time to find ways to be creative and be water wise.

I have always pursued nature and gardening where ever we have lived, and I have been growing a native gardens for the last 30 years using and growing succulents along with native texas desert scrub plants. I have always been fascinated by plant associations, climate, the weather, and the beauty of natural gardens and the sculptural forms of succulents. Being that I have a never-ending need to create I felt that going outdoors was my next adventure-turning 50 might have had something to do with it. You know … Second life sort of thing. I wanted to give back at this stage of my life so I decided to plant, grow, start seed, collect seed, heal the land around me, and plant trees and succulents, all the while sharing adventures in creating, arranging, photos, associations, seeds, etc. etc. etc…WIll you join me? Have a lovely creative day…thanks for stopping by. Marie


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